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Robert Garner Firefighter Foundation

Last year, I was invited to come out and shoot the Karbach Cookoff event for the Robert Garner Firefighter Foundation.  I don’t usually cover events, but my friend and fellow photographer talked me into it.  We got to Lucky’s Pub in downtown Houston that morning as all the cookoff teams were getting setup and ready to showcase their best bbq.  The smell of all that amazing food kept our mouths watering all day!  

The entertainment started out with local singer, Lauren Nicole who rocked the stage.  The Voice winner, Sundance Head who also happens to be from just north of Houston followed.  After sound check, he came out and said hi to everyone and took pictures.  Super nice guy.  While he was on stage doing his thing, country music icon Tracy Byrd stood at the side of the stage watching the show in a t-shirt and baseball cap.  Me being the huge Tracy Byrd fan I am, started to fangirl and pointed him out to my buddy.  You’re imagining it right now, aren’t you?  “😱 O-M-G it’s Tracy Byrd!”  Yep...that’s pretty much how it went.  LOL. Don’t judge me!  Needless to say, when he came out on stage, I was singing along to every song he sang while trying clicking away with the camera.  The headliner was Aaron Lewis.  He came out and started the show by saying the Pledge of Allegiance...which the crowd absolutely loved.  He played a lot of his new stuff and some from his days with Staind.  It was, to say the least, and amazing show.  The 1st cookoff event was a huge success for our hometown heroes and the Robert Garner Firefighter Foundation.

The 2nd annual cookoff will be on Feb 10, 2018 at Lucky’s Pub with another killer lineup.  Sundance Head, Gary Clarke Jr, and Alan Jackson as the headliner.  Be sure to come out and join us!

Since this event, I have partnered up with them on a swimsuit calendar featuring Houston Texans, Dynamo, and Rockets former cheerleaders.  They should be available soon with all proceeds going back to the Robert Garner Firefighter Foundation.  To learn more about the foundation and what they’re all about, click here.