Cloudbreak Creative Studios

As many of you know that follow me on social media, and/or have read the About section of this website, I have partnered up with Owen Conflenti from KPRC Channel 2 News in his studio, Cloudbreak Creative.  Owen, Aaron, and Richie have all brought me in and treated me like family since day one. 


 It's been a huge blessing for me.  These Texas summers are brutal, so having a studio space to shoot in is huge!  

Owen has had the studio for a few years now and it's been a constant project, but we're finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for the construction process and let me tell you...we are stoked about it!


We offer a massive 40'x40'x15' white cyc wall in Studio A where we also host our Cloudbreak Live shows featuring Houston's local bands.  Studio B will boast a 10' cyc wall complete with a light grid.  To our knowledge, it will also be the only YouTube approved studio in the Houston area.  So for all you vloggers, podcasters, and videographers that need studio space...come check us out!


Here's a quick photo tour of how the studio has come along in the past several months.